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Get Used to It


View from the back of the auditorium

I waited and waited. After doing everything I could to fill the time, I entered the auditorium and hung out on the back wall. And then I waited some more. Would my husband, Putty, come in soon? Would he ever be done with his conversation? I wanted to find a seat together before announcements ended! I waited a little longer and decided to go out into the lobby to see what was taking him so long.

Looking for Sympathy…

As I exited the auditorium I saw Di, our then co-senior pastor, now founding pastor. She was a sight for my ‘sore eyes’. Surely, she would understand the annoyance I was going through. After all, she had been a pastor’s wife for decades at this point, and I was just starting out on this path. She finished a conversation and we made eye contact. I shared my pastor’s wife woe with her and her response caught me off guard. Did she really just say what I think she just said?

Get Used to It…

I went looking for sympathy and understanding, but all I got was, ‘Get used to it’. She said it with such authority and so matter-of-factly that I didn’t know how to respond! I quickly said some parting words and headed for my husband. Finally he finished up and we went into the church service together. But, Di’s words were still ringing in my ear. They kept coming back to me. What more did they mean?

The Right Word at the Right Time…

It became obvious that her words weren’t unkind or without compassion. No, they were the opposite. These were wise words from a woman who’s had her share of ‘waiting’ and having others ‘wait’ for her. In her nutshell of a phrase was a truth that has carried me all these years. I had a choice to make. I could choose to feel pity for myself and like I was bound to Putty’s schedule and choices, or I could come to terms with his work rhythms and make my own independent choices during these times. 

The right word at the right time is like a custom-made piece of jewelry.

Proverbs 25:11 (MSG)

Like a Custom-made Piece of Jewelry…

As the proverb above says, I needed to hear this custom-made response at that time in my life. Through Di’s off-hand comment, God was using it to strengthen me for my journey ahead. That word was so powerful in empowering me to be ‘my own person’ that I frequently think of it again and again. I don’t think Di thought much about whether or not God was speaking through her at that moment, but I know she regularly lives  a lifestyle that’s open to Holy Spirit using her in any circumstances. And He did.

Lori (left) and Di (right) praying for me in 2011. What a sweet time!

Just the Other Day…

Just the other day, I exited the auditorium again and caught the tail end of a conversation. There was another wife, waiting for her husband to be finished talking, praying, etc and I caught Di saying it again! ‘Get used to it!’ This time I saw the smile on Di’s face. I heard the encouragement in that phrase, calling us up to make a choice to ‘wait in the wings’ or ‘act while we wait.’ I’m so thankful for this wisdom and the encouragement of these words.

And Act…

I love how one life lesson hits so many other areas of my life. My newborn is crying non-stop, my toddler won’t eat her food, my elementary child is whining all the time… ‘Get used to it – and act.’ My boss isn’t recognizing my full potential, my friend doesn’t call me, my family lives so far apart – ‘Get used to it – and act.’ What areas do you feel God telling you to ‘Get used to it’? Where is he empowering you to make choices that move your life forward today?

4 thoughts on “Get Used to It”

    1. I totally agree with you Sarah! It’s a good word and really a great mindset to keep! I hope you’ve been having some very encouraging past weeks and that you’re moving forward in ways that you were possibly stuck for a while!


  1. So good, Brittany. The only person in life we can control is our self and our attitude. As an executive’s wife, I too have often played ‘the waiting game’ as ‘second fiddle’ to Ed’s career – either by spending evenings home alone w the children or weeks at a time as he traveled abroad. And, yes, I did ‘get used to it’ & find things to do independently. God blessed us these last 7 yrs of his parents life w us as an almost travel-free time and much more regular hours for him! How wonderful it has been to have him home more! And, unlike you, our Sundays are actually a day when we are almost inseparable! 👍🙂 I have learned to be content in either situation. However, even the 1 1/2 years I stayed back w 4 kids to sell our home 3 hrs away – he was able to come home weekends. Ed’s new job will once again test my contentment as he won’t be able to come home weekends & this time I have to stay teaching here thru the end of the school year & have two houses to sell! God bless you as you continue to blog about your own spiritual journey! I enjoy reading them!


    1. Wow, you definitely get what this is all like! I’m so glad you had these past 7 years to be together more and enjoy that time too. I pray that God will help you through this new season and shift. I’m sure you’ll find new routines and ways to keep going forward as you transition. Thank you for sharing your insights from your experience! I really enjoyed learning more about you through this!


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