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Adoption Update: December 2019

We’re Approved!…

We can finally, officially say that our home study has been finalized and approved! This means that we can adopt at any time! This means we can put ourselves out there so that expectant moms wanting to make an adoption plan can confidently know that we are approved to adopt. This means we can apply for grants and scholarships! There are so many things that can happen now that we’ve been approved.

The Wait…

I hear that what we’ll do most in this stage is wait. Because of the type of adoption we’re doing, we’ll be waiting to for an expectant mother to hear about our desire to adopt and then choose us to be the prospective adoptive parents of her child. The decision is first up to the expectant mother. 

What to Do?…

With that in mind, there are still things we can do while we wait. First, we need to make up a profile book about our family so that an expectant mother can get a first glimpse of who we are and what type of family her child might be raised in. If the mother feels some connection to us after viewing this book, she can request to meet us in person. From there we’d just see how things feel on both sides and continue steps either towards or away from working on adoption together. 

Second, we’ll be getting the word out that we’re hoping to adopt. It’s not unlikely for a friend of a friend to know an expectant mother who is looking to make an adoption plan. If this happens, then we’ll all start the process of meeting and deciding if working towards adoption together is in everyone’s best interest.

Third, we will start working more diligently on our fundraising and grant/scholarship plans. We definitely want to include many people in our adoption process and so far we’ve asked mostly for prayer and reading our updates, but helping financially is another practical way to help us make this dream into a reality! 

More Specific Information…

There are more specifics to our adoption process than what I’ve shared in Social Media. If you’d like to ask more specific questions of us, please feel free to Comment, send me a Facebook Message, or even ask me in person! I definitely want to talk about this topic with people, but I probably won’t bring up details unless I know it’s something you’re interested in dialoguing about.

Thank You…

Again, we want to thank all of you who have been so supportive on our adoption journey this far! We’re really excited and it’s been so wonderful to see the various ways people have offered their support as we’ve delved into the adoption process. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Adoption Update: December 2019”

  1. Congratulations! I know this has been quite the process! I’m looking forward to keeping up with the rest of your adoption journey and hopefully meeting the new addition one day!


  2. Dad and I are excited to continue praying for the child God will be bringing into the Putman family. Praying for the child that will be greatly blessed by the family God has already created in your home, and for the child that will be a great blessing to all the Puttys.


    1. Hey There, Thanks for asking about our preferred method of financial contribution! In order to make it so we don’t have to pay any fees AND the person donating can get a tax deduction, our preferred method is to receive a check made out to The Vineyard Church of Central Illinois in the amount that the giver would like to donate. There should be nothing written on the check about the adoption, but instead a note should be included along with the check (on a post-it, on the envelope, etc). The check can be given to me or to the church (Dorothy Carlson is handling the adoption fund). BUT, if it’s not feasible to do the check, we do have a credit card option and we’d pay a small fee to receive money in this way and I think it’s still tax deductible for the giver. The link is:


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