Why Blog?

I’ve never had dreams of being a writer or a blogger. In fact, when I first started my voice studio in Illinois years ago, I thought writing a blog was surely the right thing to do to get students. I wrote one post and never touched it again!

So, why try again? This time I’m not trying to get students or credibility. I’ve been realizing deep inside that I have so many stories that I want to share about my life, but so rarely do I have an opportunity to share in this way. My mind has also been having some deeper thoughts about so many subject areas and I just have to talk about them! I need to get my thoughts out and speak what’s on my heart. This gives me a place to do that.

As I was thinking about some recurring subjects that have been on my mind, I had this distinct impression that I should blog. I knew this must be God prompting me because I am not excited about the perseverance it will take to maintain a blog. (Hey, I’m just being honest) But for now, I’ll write out what’s on my heart and mind and we’ll see how this goes. I know I have at least the first 10 posts ready, so that’s a great start!

I hope that those who read this will have many varied experiences. I hope they’ll have a chance to know more about me and maybe even relate to some of the things I’ll be sharing. (I’d love to hear about it!) I hope that people will be encouraged to keep going even in when things aren’t clear or when things are tough. (There’s always hope because the creator of HOPE is alive and working!) I hope others will be gain courage to step out in the areas God is making clear in their hearts. (Just take that first step!) I hope that everyone will know the true HOPE of the world.

With all my HOPE, Brittany